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Don’t miss out on this months promotion! Time is running out and this will only be available for the month of February! Refer a loved one for Invisalign and they’ll receive a $500 discount off their case & in return we’ll gift you with a $50 Visa gift card for trusting in us!

Did you know Kissing can cause cavities?

SoBeDENTIST_Valentines-day_tips_BLOGSoBeDENTIST_Valentines-day_tips_BLOGDid you know Kissing can cause cavities?SoBeDENTIST_Valentines-day_tips_BLOG

Play it safe with our Valentine’s day tips!

1> Make sure you brush your teeth and tongue (yes, your tongue) twice a day and remove excess plaque and bacteria with flossing.

2> Use anti-bacterial mouth wash once or twice a day.

3> Chew gum. Chewing gum stimulates the salivary function and the function of saliva is to clean your teeth.

4> Eat good dental foods—an apple a day will keep both the doctor and the dentist away. Fiber-rich and crunchy foods are natural tooth cleaners.

5> Never go to sleep with an unclean mouth. When we sleep we have a reduced salivary flow. If you don’t wash away the cavity-causing bacteria your mouth won’t either.

6> Visit your dentist twice a year for check-ups.

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Schedule a loved one for the month of February and your referral will receive a $500 discount off their Invisalign case & to show our gratitude we’ll gift you with a $50 Visa gift card!

*This promotion is valid for new and existing patients.
* Invisalign treatment includes retainers
* NOT valid for Invisalign Express
* To receive $50 Visa Gift Card referral must have Invisalign treatment committed with deposit received.
* $500 discount on Invisalign will be applied after deposit is received.

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